Aerial Yoga class/workshop descriptions

Introduction to Aerial yoga: No yoga or aerial experience needed- this class is perfect for the complete beginner. In this workshop you will stretch, swing, build strength and of course go upside down! All supported with or suspended with the hammock.

Restorative: Suitable for all levels of experience: The hammock will be hung very low to the ground, and we will distribute your weight between the hammock and the floor. This workshop focuses on a gentle and therapeutic version of aerial yoga. The hammock helps reach muscle groups that cannot be accessed on the mat. The ultimate chill out yoga workshop!

Inversion/Playtime: Not suitable for beginners: In this playful workshop you will explore the foundations of an inversion practice. Conquer your fear of going upside down and take your practice to a new level.

Saturday General Class: Not suitable for beginners: For those who want a challenge! With more of a focus on building core strength and flowing through sequences as opposed to the longer holds of a more traditional class.

To book contact Gillian  email or text 07971605433



Saturday class
9.00-10.00am General level The Crags Cost
Saturday 21st August 9.00-10.00am  fully booked  The Crags £15
 More class dates to follow 9.00-10.00am The Crags
9.00-10.00am The Crags
9.00-10.00am The Crags
9.00-10.00am The Crags




To book/pay for a space in the classes/workshops contact Gillian  email  ,text 07971605433 Free parking at Crags Sports centre.

The studio is a perfect layout for giving everyone 2 metre space between hammocks. A few changes will  be I will no longer provide mats , you could get organized to bring your own to class. I will limit the class size to 8 as this allows me to offer everyone a freshly washed hammock each time you come to class. I will also ask for all classes to be paid in advance to secure booking.

Workshops , cost £30 – Popular one off classes focusing on specifics and accommodating a range of abilities  

No workshops at the moment




Private sessions

Please inquire about private sessions for you or a group of friends/colleagues , the charge for 60 min is £120, 90 min is £180.You can have up to 8 people in a group.





Next Aerial Yoga in person teacher training 2021 


Nottingham dates 30th/31st October  2021


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To Book, please contact Gillian on 07971605433 or send us a message on our Contact page