Hatha Yoga class description

This is a great class to start your yoga journey! Yoga is not just about touching your toes. Hatha yoga is about investing in healthily maintained of your spine and spirit.

Each class will begin with a short breathing exercise before warming up the body and working on a different focus posture  each week before ending with a well-earned relaxation.
Over the weeks you’ll learn postures to open the hips and shoulders, strengthen the arms and legs, bring flexibility to the spine and gain awareness of where you may be holding tension in the body.


Tuesday   Hatha Yoga beginners 8th Aug-12th Sept 5.45-6.45pm Beginners Marchmont St Giles 6 weeks £48 
Tuesday   Hatha Yoga general     8th Aug-12th Sept 7.00-8.00pm General Marchmont St Giles 6 weeks £48 
Thursday  Hatha Yoga general    10th Aug-14th Sept 9.30-10.30am General Marchmont St Giles 6 weeks £45
 Tuesday Hatha Yoga Beginners  20th June-4th July 5.45-6.45pm Beginners   3weeks £24
 Tuesday Hatha Yoga General     20th June-4th July 7.00-8.00pm  General   3weeks £24
 Thursday Hatha Yoga General   22nd June-29th June 9.30-10.30am General   2weeks £15 

To book a space/payment details  contact Gillian

To Book, please contact Gillian on 07971605433 or send us a message on our Contact page